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Replacing your windows can be a difficult decision. It is a big investment, but many times it is a good one. The only thing is that you have to make sure it is really time to replace your windows. You can tell it is time for replacement windows in Raleigh, or wherever you live, by:

  • Looking at the exterior. Do you have to repaint frequently because the exterior of the windows is constantly peeling? Newer windows are made of different materials than they used to be. Today you can get windows that are fade, flake, blister and peel resistant.
  • Checking the function. Do your windows open and close easily? Can you lock them like they’re supposed to be? If not, it may be time to get new windows.
  • Considering their shape. When thinking about their shape, you should think about the style. Do you like the way they look? While you may not want to get replacement windows in Raleigh simply for looks, it is a factor.
  • Thinking about their cleanliness. Windows have gotten easier to clean. If you have a hard time cleaning your windows, it might be time to get new ones.
  • Figuring out their panes. Are your windows single pane? Newer windows have more than one pane and are more energy efficient because of it.
  • Looking at the interior. If your furniture, rugs and wall hangings are fading, it might be time to get new windows. Newer windows keep out more sunlight.
  • Listening. Old windows can be noisy. If you think they let too much noise in, it might be time for you to get new windows.
  • Think about their age. Finally, you want to think about their age. If your windows are over 15 years old, it is probably time to consider getting new ones.

You can tell that it is time for replacement windows in Raleigh when your current ones do not function like they’re suppose to. If your windows are leaky, peeling or dirty, it might be time to get new ones. You can talk to a window replacement expert to find out if it is time for you to get new windows.

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