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Frequently Asked Questions

We will arrive at about 8 am, at which point the project manager and crew foreman will immediately walk the house. While reviewing the property a demolition plan for the day takes shape, it’s this plan that will then be shared with each member of the Raleigh Windows & Siding team.

Simultaneously other members of the siding installation crew will begin setting up the scaffolding required for both siding removal and new siding installation. Of course, all personal property that was not moved before our arrival will be removed from the immediate perimeter of the home to prevent any potential damage.

In summary: prior to arrival and again before removing any materials from the exterior each member of the team is briefed on the property specifics, the scope of work, and any homeowner preferences.

By their nature replacement windows are special order, designed to fit in a specific location on a specific homeowner’s property. Both windows we offer, the Okna vinyl windows or the Marvin Infinity replacement window, are ordered to a fraction of an inch and delivered to Raleigh windows and siding storage facilities loading dock via an 18-wheeler. It’s at this point, a member of the RWS team will take inventory of the windows, confirm all replacement windows are accounted for, and schedule the installation with the homeowner.

On installation day the replacement windows are unloaded from trailers and placed around the home in the approximate location they’ll be installed. Ladders are used to access the old windows for removal. Following removal, the new Marvin Infinity or Okna Vinyl replacement window is installed and secured. Low expansion foam is used around windows to ensure a tight exterior envelope is achieved, this foam also helps insulate the home from weather or sound extremes.

Raleigh windows and siding will clean up the job site at the end of each day. This allows our competent installers to move around the job site safely without fear or injury and also demonstrates the respect we have for your home. When the siding or replacement window installation is complete we will conduct an in-depth clean-up. To remove fasteners from the yard and flowerbeds, the homeowner can expect Raleigh window and siding to use magnets to collect any nails, and all trash to be removed promptly.

With a ‘belt and suspenders approach’ to leaving the home in great condition we will conduct yet another final cleanup pass once the paintwork on the home is complete, and before doing a final walkthrough with the client. Raleigh windows and siding is committed to treating your home as we would our own, as such, we value your business.

Okna Vinyl and Marvin Infinity Replacement Windows
Typically Raleigh Windows and Siding can replace all of the windows on typical clients’ homes in somewhere between one and two days depending on the trim work to be done, and the installation method of the original windows.

LP SmartSide & James Hardie Fiber Cement
In most cases, Raleigh windows and siding can remove a homeowner’s old damaged siding and install new siding within 5 to 6 days. This timeline will depend on the size of the home and the quantity of trim on the home to be replaced.

Upon the completion of all work denoted within the agreement for service, and a final walk-through with the homeowner to address any outstanding items the homeowner will then promptly be presented with a final invoice for any outstanding monies.

Raleigh windows and siding accepts personal checks, cashier checks, ACH, and wire transfers. Please mail or drop off all checks at 6003 Chapel Hill Rd. #113 Raleigh, NC 27607

The homeowner can expect there to be leftover material at the end of any job. To be prepared, we order 115% of the materials required to complete a given job to be delivered in advance of the project starting. It’s this 15% delta that assures we won’t run out of material, which in turn would delay the completion of services. Given the goal is to limit the impact on the homeowner, and their family, the surplus of building materials works to assure we’re able to mitigate any potential delays. Note: any surplus materials are never wasted, rather returned to one of two Raleigh windows and siding storage facilities or the original material distributor in both cases these same materials will then make their way to another house in the Raleigh market to be utilized just a few days/weeks later.

Yes, we understand not everyone has a truck or the ability to dispose of items that don’t fit in the waste containers provided by the city. You’re welcome to dispose of reasonable-size items in the dumpster we bring on-site for waste.

Yes, we install only the most premium products within each exterior material category. All of the products we utilize on a home come with a manufactures warranty attributed to the product’

  • LP SmartSide: 50 Years – Transferable
  • James Hardie: 30 Years
  • Okna Replacement Windows: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Marvin Infinity Replacement Fiberglass Windows: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Provia Door: Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • GAF Asphalt Roofing Shingles: Lifetime (50) Years
  • Single Piece On-Site Extruded Gutters: 30 Years

In addition to the exterior product warranties listed above Raleigh windows and siding warranties, all labor attributed to the product installation for 5 years.

In most cases, we’re able to tear off the existing roof and install the new roof in a single day.

No, just like doctors or lawyers that specialize in certain fields as do the material installers apart from Raleigh windows and siding. Once replacement siding or replacement windows have been installed we will bring a paint crew to caulk and seal all applicable material joints, fill nail holes, and paint the applicable surfaces.

We make every possible effort to thoroughly evaluate the entirety of every project as well as the implications of the current materials utilized/general construction based on our extensive experience having completed thousands of exterior renovations within the triangle.

However, it’s possible when we start a project there are unforeseen repairs that are needed. For example, when removing the aluminum trim coil frequently placed around windows it’s possible the window trim was covered for a reason (it’s damaged). In this event, we will promptly notify the homeowner, and document the damage with a photo.

Its Raleigh windows and siding sole responsibility to evaluate the scope of work to be performed before executing the agreement for services. If Raleigh Windows and siding has failed to evaluate the cost in terms of labor or materials to complete the scope of work as documented RWS will cover the cost at no impact to the homeowner. When we sign the scope of work, you have our ethical (and legal) agreement to complete the job promptly.

Yes, by the nature of residing a home, we will need to remove the existing light fixtures currently mounted to the home and are happy to reinstall the same fixtures or, should the homeowner provide new fixtures, those will be installed in their palace.

Yes, for any referral that results in an agreement for services Raleigh windows and siding is more than willing to provide a reasonable referral to the individual responsible for the referral.