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Siding problems can quickly get out of hand and cause damage to your home. The best time to check your home is just as the weather changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot since these temperature shifts can sometimes make an existing problem more visible. If you’re not sure whether or not you need new siding in Raleigh, here are some tips for checking the interior and exterior of your home. If you’re still not sure about the state of your current home facade, don’t hesitate to contact a contractor to have a look.

When checking the outside of your home, there are some easy to signs that your siding needs to be replaced. Places where the outside of your home is discolored or warped are major red flags. Walk around the entire exterior of your home looking for these signs, and make sure to check closely any place hidden by bushes, shutters or other decoration. It’s also a good idea to spot check areas even when you don’t see noticeable damage. Rotting can’t always be spotted from afar, but a touch can quickly reveal the problem. If you know in advance the places you home needs extra attention, this can be very helpful to a contractor.

It’s important to check everywhere inside your home, too. If your existing siding is letting in moisture or air, this might not be readily apparent from the outside. Check every room in the house and pay special attention to places which commonly have openings to the outside: vents, windows and doors. You’ll be looking for places where you feel a draft or where paint and wallpaper are pealing. Just like outside, don’t forget to check behind furniture and other decorations which sit directly against the wall.

Don’t let a problem with your siding fester, the sooner it’s taken care of the less it will cost you in the long run. If you need new siding in Raleigh, look for a local and experienced contractor to handle the job. If you take the time to check your house, inside and out, then it’s more likely you’ll spot an issue before it becomes a big problem.

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