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Is it time to replace the windows? That is a question many home owners face at some point. However, the decision is not always easy because it is major financial investment. If you are considering new windows install in Raleigh, there are four tell-tale signs that it is time to replace those old windows.

High Energy Bills

If you get sticker shock every time you open your utility bill, your windows are the likely culprit. Oldwindows are not energy-efficient. It is better to invest in new windows that are designed to reduce energy costs. They pay for themselves in the long run. For example, windows with a minimum of two glass panes are a cost-effective option.

A Draft

It is hard to relax in a cold house. A common cause for this is air entering through gaps in the windows. The gaps are due to warping, moisture or loose frames and corner slashes. You may be tempted to apply weather stripping, but that is a temporary fix that will not prevent air leaks. In fact, the gaps will return because the sealant will contract and expand. New window installations are the best solution for a drafty house.

Windows Do not Open or Shut

Whenever you have a problem opening or shutting the widow, it is time for replacements. When this happens with wood and metal windows, it is because they were not painted correctly. This causes problems with rust ad rot. Also these types of windows can haveproblems with a mechanism called the balance. It keeps the window up when opened. If it does not work properly the widow will not stay up on its own and may slam down, which poses a safety hazard.

A new windows install in Raleigh is recommended if you experience any of these issues. Do not settle for quick fixes. You deserve a comfortable home and a peace of mind that comes with replacing old or damaged windows that are costing you money.

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